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Getting Started With ServerProtector

To get started with ServerProtector, first you need to invite the bot using this link.

Once you have added ServerProtector to your server, you need to setup ban syncing, owner and staff roles and the log channel.

the prefix for ServerProtector is @ServerProtector (A mention of the bot)

To enable ban syncing, use the sync enable command (see commands/sync) - Before you can use ban syncing, you need to have your server approved, please join the support server here to have your server approved for ban syncing - You can still use ban logging and other features without having your server approved

To set the owner and staff roles, use the config staff/owner command followed by the role you want to assign staff/owner permissions to (see commands/config)

To set the log channel for known banned users, use the config channel command (see commands/config)

After setting these options, the bot will automatically sync existing bans and sync new bans, and will log known user bans in the channel you selected with the config channel command.